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Support & Business Intelligence Manager
 at Yellow Pencil
Zoe Tran is a seasoned mentor with a multifaceted career spanning roles in research, data analysis, learning & development, and project management. With a robust background that bridges business acumen with technical expertise, Zoe brings a wealth of knowledge to her mentoring relationships. Zoe’s career has seen her navigate diverse industries including education, digital marketing, and agency services, where she leverages her insights to guide and support professionals in…
Data Scientist
 at Fortinet
Maggie Han is a Senior Data Scientist with a PhD in Chemical Engineering. After two years as a Research Scientist, she discovered her passion for data modeling and analytics and successfully transitioned to a leading tech company in the cybersecurity sector. Maggie has demonstrated expertise in classification, clustering, feature engineering, and workflow optimization in big data. Her accomplishments include building comprehensive data pipelines from raw logs to daily submissions…
Development Specialist
 at BMO Financial Group
Deepak Rana is a data analytics professional with over 8 years of extensive experience in data analysis, business intelligence, reporting, ETL, and machine learning. My expertise spans a wide spectrum of BI tools, ETL processes, machine learning, and AI applications, empowering me to deliver actionable insights that drive strategic decisions across various sectors including Banking, Finance, Retail, Real Estate, and Logistics. With a robust proficiency in Microsoft Power BI,…
Machine Learning Engineer
 at Extended AI
Extended AI
Greetings! I’m Jaskirat Singh Bhatia, a seasoned machine learning professional and mentor passionate about empowering individuals to master the intricacies of data science. With 3 years of hands-on experience in the field, I’ve successfully led a data team at Extended AI and delivered automation projects at scale. My journey in the realm of AI began when I pursued a Master’s in Data science and AI from the University of…
Business Insight Analyst
 at Air Canada
With a Master’s degree in Technology Innovation Management and over 10 years in the airline industry, Rohaan specializes in Business Analytics, Supply Chain, and Procurement. Certified as a Scrum Master and holding a Microsoft Power BI certification, his focus is on practical, strategic data reporting. As an experienced professional who pivoted into Analytics, Rohaan is passionate about guiding aspiring professionals keen on embarking on a similar pathway to achieve…
Data Analyst, Business Intelligence
 at Bell
Eric Hui holds a BA Economics from York University and completed the WeCloudData Data Science program. He currently works for Bell Canada as a BI/Data Analyst on a product team. Eric would love to share his experience in helping WeCloudData alumni kick start their data career….
Data Scientist
 at Kruger Products L.P.
Jehanzeb Wani has a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering, Master’s in Avionics, and is an alumnus of WeCloud’s Data Science Bootcamp, where he was top-of-the-class. He has multidisciplinary experience spanning 5+ years in Data and Tech- As a Flight Data Analyst for an Airlines, as a Data Scientist in Sales and Supply-Chain (current), as well as past work experience in the Start-up sphere in Growth and Marketing. Jehanzeb uses a…
Data Engineer
 at RBC
I have over 5 years of combined data experience having worked as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist and a Data Engineer. Currently, I work as a Data Engineer at RBC. previous to that I was working as a Data Engineer at a Technology Startup company called Clutch to use and buy used cars….
Senior Data Engineer
 at Nasdaq
Daniel Chih is a highly skilled mechanical engineer with over 6 years of experience in design, sales, and project engineering. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, his career took a shift when he discovered his passion for data engineering, and he began to explore this field in depth. With his solid foundation in engineering and his growing expertise in data engineering, he completed WeCloudData Data Engineering…
DevOps Engineer
Joey Li is an AWS certified DevOps Engineer with 15+ years of solid hands-onexperience in provisioning, operating and managing distributed application systems onboth premise and cloud platform. He is proficient with IaC, automation, scripting andmonitoring. He is also an AWS certified database specialty and AWS certified securityspecialty….
Data Scientist
 at Microsoft
Haider holds a postgraduate degree from UBC and has over 7 years of experience in data science. He is currently working as a senior data scientist at Microsoft. His previous work experiences include working at EA(one of the biggest gaming studios in the world) and working as a research data scientist in the academia. He is passionate about all things related to data. Haider has worked in various capacities…
Manager, Data Engineering & Analytics - Loyalty & Customer Insights
 at Canadian Tire
Coco Chen graduated from University of Waterloo with a bachelor degree in Math. After working as a reporting analyst for 2 years in retail banking, Coco found her passion in automation and operational excellence. She later pivoted her career focus and acquired the essential technical skillsets necessary for data engineering during her own time. She later successfully got the job of Senior Data Engineer in Customer Analytics and Insight…

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