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WeCareer is an online mentoring platform that enables mentors with relevant career experience to help people find their dream job, develop themselves and be successful.


Mentoring is a valuable resource. It’s not easy for you to find someone who is knowing, able and willing to help.

WeCareer operates a mentorship platform that matches mentors and mentees by roles, industries, skills and services. Mentees use the platform to receive mentorship from mentors in exchange for a share of mentees’ future income. Mentees make monthly payments only after they land jobs that meet or exceed their expectations. Strength of WeCareer is rooted in its community, resources and connections unavailable to the public.


Values we live by


Measurable Output

The highest priority is to help raw talents improve their writing and presentation so they become more expressive, build a resume, an interview script, and a candidate that satisfy the employer.


Bias for Action

Actions influence attitudes. Starting is important. Imitation is important. Repetition is important. Building habits is important. Mentees don’t know who they are until they see what they can do.


Advice is Executable

Every piece of advice that mentors give to mentees must be executable and its result measurable. Mentors ensure mentees work on the right things. Mentees do them with grit.

Our network of experts

Our mentees leverage the insights and perspectives shared by our mentors to stay competitive.

Extraordinary Experiences

Powered by AI, supported by experts, know what employers want, do what it takes to maximize your chances, land your dream job with a guarantee!

Help you succeed

We add value to your resume, search and interview. We help you get interviews and pass interviews! It’s not that we are smarter than you. It’s that the place where you are going – we know it very well.

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