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It feels great to achieve your own dreams, but it feels even greater to enable the dreams of others.

The Mentor High is Real

It feels great to achieve your own dreams, but it feels even better to enable the dreams of others.

Use your stories to inspire mentees and replicate successes. Share your experiences, successes and failures to impact someone’s life and career.

WeCareer provides mentorship to people early in their career, when it will have the biggest impact. WeCareer mentees are eager to grow and learn. Our platform removes overhead and allows you to focus on what you do best: mentoring and helping mentees land data jobs. Mentors work 100% remotely, in flexible hours, which allow you to build a portfolio of interesting projects and work samples, and build relationships with other mentors who share the same passion for helping.

Mentor's roles and responsibilities

  • Act as a role model
  • Help mentees define their career path
  • Create an action plan to achieve end goal within a time frame
  • Break down end goal into milestones and tasks
  • Follow up regularly on mentee’s progress and hold them accountable for tasks
  • Act as a sounding board, provide constructive, actionable feedback
  • Keep mentees focused on the right tasks
  • Avoid mistakes and save time
  • Criticize behaviours and choices, not people
  • Develop skills, overcome challenges, celebrate milestones, achieve end goal!

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Can you imagine the impact you could have on a recent grad or a young professional?

Join our team and embrace the feeling of adding value and making positive changes in people’s lives. You will realize that enabling the dreams of others is incredibly fulfilling.


And lucrative, too.

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