Become a Mentee

Imagine what it’d be like to actually look forward to Mondays.

  • Mentorship from people who’ve been there
  • Training for your first (or next) job
  • A community that picks you up when you fall
Become a Mentee

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Leverage "Been-There, Done-That" Advice

It’s not that mentors are smarter than you. It’s that the place where you are going, they know it well. They can show you the work, the people & the ways.

Your mentor helps you:

  • Set Goals
  • Overcome Setbacks
  • Create Good Habits
  • Celebrate Milestones
  • Achieve Goals

There's a race to get every job. At the finish line, you see a tiny difference in performance vs a huge difference in success.

Imagine you were a professional athlete. You have coaches who train you, manage your calendar, keep you in shape, make sure you practice everyday, and make sure you’re taken care of so you can achieve peak performance.

Becoming your best self is hard work, you shouldn’t do it alone. You’re far more likely to be successful with a mentor's support.

Feeling Stuck?

Your mentor will also help you clarify your objectives, and motivate you to keep you on track. They will provide honest feedback to ensure you are always progressing towards your goal, and building confidence along the way.

The Result?


A better job. Faster.

Mentee's roles and responsibilities

  • Having a mentor doesn’t mean letting them do all the work
  • Make sure you’re committed to the end goal and ready to work hard
  • Be coachable, actively listen, & absorb the information your mentor shares
  • Take lots of notes, reflect back and make sure you understand, clarify when you don’t
  • Take action, make decisions, complete tasks with quality
  • Never be afraid to ask for feedback, then listen to and act on it 
  • Respect your mentor’s time, avoid being late or no-showing meetings, reply to calls or messages promptly.
  • Develop skills, overcome challenges, celebrate milestones, achieve your end goal!