[Webinar] How to Land a Data Job in 3-6 Months – Guaranteed! (Part 4)

Join Eric Liu, CEO of WeCareer, in a lively discussion focused on Job Application and Analysis:

  1. Job Description ≠ Job: A job description is not to be trusted. It is at best a wish list.
  2. Analyze 5-10 job descriptions (you, boss, peer, supplier, customer) to understand the role and industry, who (people, relationships), what (business, data), where (processes, decisions), how (tools, techniques).
  3. Analyze the role in the context of the industry > company > functions > processes to highlight essential responsibilities + qualifications.

What is WeCareer?

WeCareer, a WeCloudData company, helps people land data jobs.

WeCareer operates a mentorship platform that matches mentors and mentees by roles, industries, skills and services. WeCareer mentors are those who not only know their craft but also how to teach it to help mentees reach their full potential and deliver peak performance. WeCareer operates a mentorship platform based on income share agreement: mentor gets paid a share of mentee’s income after mentee gets hired.

Speaker: Eric Liu

Eric Liu is the Head of the Data Analytics program at WeCloudData. He has over 25 years of experience in retail, commercial, and investment banking, and is highly specialized in data management, descriptive analytics, and predictive modelling. He has taught public speaking at Victoria College, data analytics at George Brown College, and retail and commercial banking at York University Schulich Executive Education Centre. Previously, he has worked at Siemens, ING Bank, ING Direct, CIBC, GE Money, Scotiabank (Senior Director), Affirm Financial (Director). Eric holds an EMBA from China Europe International Business School and an M.Eng. Operations Research from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Event Recording:

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